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International Community

In 2013 Buile Hill visual Arts college were awarded foundation level international award.

The school have worked on several links to connect classrooms across the world.


Our English department have made a link with a school in Bangladesh, they have sent letters and are awaiting their responses. See picture sent by school in our gallery.


Our French department have links with Collège Alain Borne. They have a pen-pal exchange by letter between 50 year 8s (ie. the whole of 8Y1 and 8Y2) and the French school are keen to set one up with our yr10 and 11s. The French Yr8s have just sent ours some amazing letters, all decorated beautifully and a few have sent sweets and things across as well. We were hoping to make a display out of the letters that have gone back and forth.

The French department linked with the Art department to produce Maps in French to share via a blog site with our French school.

The French department have made contact with JinRui, a Chinese Language Assistant. They are looking into a fund for Connecting Classrooms with China from British Council. They have signed a a partnership agreement.

Art and French run Mandarin workshops in after school sessions for year 7 and 8. The project lasted


The music department have made links with the British Consulate of Madrid with the possibility of writing a song together and in the future a exchange/tour with the partner school.


International project- Sharing Christmas ideas

Developing links throughout the world is something which here at Buile Hill we are passionate about. In December the art department linked up to three schools in Rwanda and Nigeria. Through these links we designed a project to share our views and values at Christmas time. Year 7 students designed images and used lettering to show their most important things at Christmas. The schools exchanged images and writing which was shared with all classes involved.

You can see some photos in our gallery.

How Christmas is celebrated in Nigeria

Christmas in Nigeria is a family event, a time when lots of family members come together to celebrate and have fun. Most families that live in cities travel to the villages where their grandparents and older relatives live.

Many different languages are spoken in Nigeria. In Hausa HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS is “barka da kirsimati”; in Fulani it’s “jab ama be salla kirismati”; Yoruba it’s :eku odun keresimesi”in Igbo (Ibo) “ekeresimesi oma” and in Edo it’s “Iselogbe”.And Christmas normally celebrates on 25 of December every year.

Many families will throw Christmas parties that will last all night long on Christmas Eve! Then, on Christmas morning, they go to church to give thanks to god. Homes and street are often decorated. Most home will have an artificial Christmas tree.

Children love to play with fire crackers at Christmas. The church choir may visit the church congregation in their homes to sing Christmas carols to them. Christmas cards are sends to friends and family members. Presents are exchanged amongst family member and some families may take their children dressed in new outfits to see Santa Claus.

In addition to serving turkey, a traditional Christmas meal in Nigeria may include beet, goat, sheep, ram or chicken; other dishes might include pounded yam, rice, fried rice, vegetable salad and some type of stew.

Name: Agbalaya Qudus

Class: SS 1c

School: Surulere Senior Secondary School

International project 2- Good teaching practice

This project was designed to involve the whole school in sharing good teaching practices. We thought is was interesting to see how different schools cater for their young people and make each lesson as effective and interesting as possible. One school in Rwanda sent a video which spoke to teachers in their school and it was fantastic to share ideas. Miss Talbot designed the project were all staff was involved in sharing their ideas and welcoming everybody into their lessons which was recorded. Students at Buile designed animations and shared their favourite lessons and reasons why, It was a whole team effort.

Please use the link here to view our video.


Last year Miss Talbot and her year 9 photography class wanted to reach out to schools internationally. Through visual images they asked a range of schools from different cultures to send images of their local area, interests and hobbies. This message was sent to around 50 schools,

We are contacting you regarding an international project which our year 9 class is about to start. We would like to contact a range of different schools in different areas of the world to share a project.

The project theme is ''where we are'' it is a really fun way to for students to get involved in promoting their local area and looking at the differences in cultures.

Four different schools responded and sent us a variety of wonderful imagery, it was eye opening to see and share in their cultures. Our photography class went around Salford and Manchester to photograph our local area. This project led us to support Light Oaks Primary school in a photography work shop. It allowed us to learn the techniques involved when photographing, use digital cameras and Photoshop their images.

Finally we presented the striking images on our main school corridor for everyone to see, mixing our cultures together.

You can see some photos in our gallery.

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