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Curriculum Rationale

The school believes in lifelong learning and acknowledges that achieving well, and gaining good qualifications, is crucial for the employability of all our young people.

A personalised approach to learning is the key to our students’ success. We ensure that all aspects of our curriculum incorporates transferable, relevant and functional skills into every learning experience.

We are proud to state that our school is a place where:

● The uniqueness of every student is valued and respected.
● Positive relationships are based on trust and mutual respect.
● There is a commitment to lifelong learning for the whole of our community.
● We understand how to learn and how to succeed in an ever-changing society.
● The learning environment is designed for the future.

We engage with outside agencies to support all aspects of learning both in and out of school, giving students numerous opportunities to learn in practical ways, providing projects such as: visits, field trips and residentials.

Key Stage 3
Students entering the school at the beginning of Year 7 study all aspects of the National
Curriculum. All students study the following subjects: Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, MFL, RE, PHSE, Art, Music, Drama, ICT, Technology,

Key Stage 4
During Year 8, students, in consultation with parents and teachers, choose their subjects to study in Years 9, 10 and 11. Full preparation is undertaken, with students and parents being kept informed through parents’/carers’
evenings, and an informative booklet is produced for parents and students.
Our policy is to offer the maximum amount of choices available from our resource. However, we have different learning pathways and the following subjects may be studied:
History, Geography, Business Studies, Computer Science, Graphics, Music, Textiles, French, Product Design, Childcare, Photography, Geography, Drama, Spanish, Food Nutrition, German, Construction, Design and Engineering, Hairdressing.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that children follow appropriate curriculum pathways unique to them. This inevitably has a detrimental impact on some of the school's headline measures as a significant number of students do not fully fill all elements of progress 8 due to our strong values and principles. Pupils will always come first at our school.


Should you require any more information regarding the curriculum please contact A Simmons.


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