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Curriculum Overview

At Buile Hill Visual Arts College we offer a broad and balanced curriculum, fulfilling all the requirements of the National Curriculum, whilst also offering a wide variety of pathways to cater for all levels of aptitude and ability.

The school operates a 1 week timetable made up of 5 60 minute lessons a day. This equates to 25 lessons per week.


Key Stage 3 Curriculum

A broad and balanced curriculum to encourage our pupils to become independant learners with deep learning opportunities in lessons that are relevant, engaging, creative and academically challenging.

In order to prepare our pupils for Key Stage 4, the Years 7 & 8 buttons below show a breakdown of lessons, and the number taught on a weekly basis. 


Key Stage 4 Curriculum

At Buile Hill the pupils begin their GCSE pathways in year 9.

The curriculum model at Key Stage 4 offers more personalised choices whilst maintaining a focus on the core subjects in order to provide pupils with the best opportunities to continue their studies at post-16 and beyond.

The years 9, 10 & 11 buttons below show the option subjects available at Key Stage 4, a breakdown of lessons and the number taught on a weekly basis.

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