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Students love their maths lessons at Buile Hill Visual Arts College; our department is dedicated and committed to raising achievement for all abilities. Our mission as a department is:

  • For students to develop a positive attitude towards the subject of Mathematics
  • To encourage all students to work with increasing confidence on the tasks set
  • To facilitate a 'can do' culture
  • To provide appropriate materials that will enable students to access the Mathematics curriculum at different levels and enjoy the tasks set
  • To make students realise that their contributions however small or large are valued and appreciated by staff and students alike
  • For staff to plan and prepare lessons with clear learning objectives so students are challenged and encouraged to persevere and engage with more difficult tasks
  • To create a learning environment where pupils are given the opportunity to reach their full potential
  • To provide stimulating display work to enhance/inform pupils perceptions of Mathematics

The Mathematics Department is committed to encouraging students to:

  • Appreciate the place of maths in society
  • Think precisely, logically and creatively
  • Understand mathematical ideas ideas and be able to communicate them in a variety of ways
  • Work independently, in pairs and in groups
  • Appreciate the interdependence of different branches of mathematics
  • Appreciate how mathematics is used in school and within their lives generally
  • Mathematically investigate ideas, test and prove their own hypotheses
  • Form a firm foundation for pupils to study mathematics at a higher level
  • Set short term targets for themselves and decide if they have been achieved
  • To enjoy and be interested in the learning objective and tasks set each lesson
  • To consider different learning styles

Key Stage 3

Number of sessions per week: 4 X 60 minute sessions for years 7 & 8

Mathematics contributes to the school curriculum at Key Stage 3 by developing students' abilities to calculate; to reason logically, algebraically, and geometrically; to solve problems and to handle data. Mathematics is important for students in many other areas of study, particularly Science and Technology. Mathematics at Key Stage 3 presents frequent opportunities for creativity. Through the mathematics taught at Buile Hill in Key Stage 3 we aim to enable students to build a secure framework of mathematical reasoning, which they can apply with confidence throughout the rest of their lives.

KS3 Homework

Homework is set once a week and each piece should take about 30 - 60 minutes. Students are arranged into ability groups at the beginning of year 7 after a baseline assessment taken in the first week. Pupils in years 7 & 8 follow a different programme of study depending on which set they are in.

During the first two years there are opportunities for students to change sets so that they can all achieve their maximum potential. This takes place after each assessment.

The maths department subscribe to the website www.mymaths.co.uk which is a valuable way of practising and revising for tests and exams, your child will be given a password and username for this.

Key Stage 4

Students begin to study for GCSE Mathematics in year 9, they follow a three year scheme of work. The topics they study are divided into the following topics:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Geometry and Statistics

throughout these topics there is a strong emphasis on problem solving.

Students will be assessed externally at the end of year 11, the exam is made up of two papers of 1 hour and 45 minutes, one being a calculator paper and the other a non-calculator paper.

Students also have the opportunity to gain an additional qualification; GCSE Statistics, this qualification supports and extends the skills taught in the statistics topics of GCSE Mathematics. For this students are assessed externally at the end of year 11 but will also need to complete controlled assessment which will contribute to their overall grade.

KS4 Homework

All pupils are set homework on a weekly basis, this is either written or a 'My Maths' homework which is completed online. Homework is designed to extend and develop learing in class, and it is important that pupils complete all homework.

Pupils are given a separate book to complete all homework in, it is their responsibility to keep this safe, if it is lost the the pupil will have to pay for a new one, and repeat 3 pieces of homework. If pupils fail to complete a piece of homework they will be given a detention where they will be expected to complete the homework. Repeated missed homework will result in a detention with the head of department and a letter will be sent home.

How will I be monitored and assessed?

All pupils are issued targets based on their Key Stage assessments from Primary School, in year 7 we conduct baseline testing so we can compare this to external data issued to the school. At regular intervals and in line with whole school assessment we assess students in class using formal assessments, and track individual progress. Any underachievement is identified quickly, and additional support and guidance is given by class teachers. Students have an opportunity to move between sets dependent on their progress.

Extra Curricular

Maths Club takes place every Tuesday after school. We welcome anyone from Key Stage 3 whether you have an inquisitive mind, are looking for puzzles that take classroom maths to another level, or are simply looking for a bit of extra support with your homework.....Maths Club is for you!

Additional Maths is a recognised stand-alone course available to year 10 pupils looking to take Mathematics for A-level. The course bridges the gap between GCSE and A-level, having a greater focus on creative thinking and problem solving, it also provides an excellent opportunity for pupils aiming for an A-A* to really push themselves by focusing on higher level topics.



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