Headteacher: Mr Inman


• School blazer,
• White collared shirt or blouse,
• School clip on tie.
• Black School Jumper – This is optional for both boys and girls
• Plain black shoes only – the emphasis is on plain – please no stripes or coloured markings near the sole, no training shoes or boots higher than the ankle. Please do not buy shoes, which are not suitable if in doubt contact school.

• Black trousers – no denim, tracksuits, combat pant, or cords.
• Dark coloured socks.
• No caps and or hoods are to be worn in school – failure to comply with this may lead to confiscation.

• Plain black skirt (Knee length) or plain black trousers – no denim, cords, tracksuit bottoms, leggings, culottes, combat pants, peddle pushers, ski pants or pinafores.
• Plain white socks or plain black socks or black tights, but not white socks and black tights.

Other Items
• Jewellery – Students are only permitted to wear a watch and a small pair of flat studs no bigger than a 5p piece are allowed. Large amounts of jewellery are not allowed on health and safety grounds. No nose studs, earrings, body piercing or heavy jewellery are allowed. If students continue to wear these items they may be confiscated and placed in the office safe for parents to collect.

• No make-up to be worn in school – students will be asked to wash it off.
• Hair Colours/Styles – students are to have only natural hair colour. Any students without natural hair colours will not be allowed in school until this is re dyed back to a natural colour.
No extreme hairstyles are permitted and no cut lower than a grade 2. Any students with extreme hair styles will not be allowed in school or placed into seclusion until the style is modified or hair has grown to an acceptable style.

• Mobile Phones/MP3 Players – Not to be out or used in school. Items will be confiscated for that day and may be collected from the office.

• Equipment - All students are expected to bring basic equipment such as 2 pens, 2 pencils, ruler, pencil sharpener, rubber housed in a pencil case and bag. The school will provide a homework diary that students should bring to school every day.

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