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Houses & Student Voice

House System

The House System will help to break down a large school into more intimate and manageable units. The aim of the system is to become a defining feature and cornerstone of the School’s success, providing not only quality pastoral care, but also helping monitor pupils’ day-to-day progress throughout their school careers. The sense of community within each of the houses will strive to encourage a feeling of identity and belonging. The house teams greet newcomers as children and see them off as adults on their chosen careers, or college courses.

The students were polled as to the names of the houses and the names chosen were

  • Eccleston – after the popular, talented Salford actor Christopher Eccleston
  • Kingsley – named after the Oscar winning actor Ben Kingsley who lived and studied in Salford
  • Lowry – after the painter L.S.Lowry who lived in Salford and painted many iconic pictures celebrating the people of the area
  • Pankhurst – named after Emmeline Pankhurst a political activist who lived in Ordsall

The House will provide encouragement, security, and eventually support work with the pupils and subject staff to help them fulfill their targets. The House System will provide opportunities for students to take responsibility as members of the House Councils. House activities include Arts Festivals, Drama Festivals, Literacy Events, Maths Challenges, Quizzes, assemblies, sponsored events, sporting competitions and the opportunity for specialist learning events combining members of the same House across all the Year groups.

Within all Houses the aim is to engender a sense of:

  • Belonging
  • Support
  • Pride
  • Family

The charity work undertaken by students in the House system has been unbelievable with charity events regularly raising large amounts of money. If anyone from our extended school community would like to support us then please do not hesitate to contact the school.

The foundations of the House system are now firmly in place, the building process continues, onwards and upwards

Student Voice

Our students are fully involved in helping the school to continually improve the quality of learning. Students from all years are invited to participate in ‘Learner Voice’ conferences on specific issues, such as homework and extra- curricular. Students are also involved in our faculty review process, offering their opinions on their learning in each of the subjects they study. Student voice directly impacts on whole school policy and students regularly say that their opinions are valued by the school.


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